Our mission is to​ ​make leading mobile and “Internet of Things” technologies easily accessible to people in agriculture and field services to enhance their lives through the acquisition of data, the traceability of goods, the tractability of growing/working conditions, the reduction of environmental footprint, and the furtherance of fair trade.

Replace the manual paper work with the phones/tablets for collecting and consolidating data and may opt for all add-on features to manage the complete business. We offer a flexible low cost plan that allows you to choose "pay as you go" for the services or sign up a service agreement for a period.

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Innovations: Collect all of your data on a normal android smart phone or tablet. Use all new features available in the smart phones and tablets to capture information, scan, take pictures, send message, view web reports, use maps, tag location

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Virtual Harvest Ticket

Harvest Ticket

Mobile Harvest Ticket – When harvesting in several different areas that can be many miles apart, putting tickets on trailers involves a lot of driving and an inefficient use of time. Our Mobile Harvest Ticket feature not only eliminates the

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Mozambique, Africa

I am using mobile phone to collect tea weighments, sundry work, and factory attendance for 2900 workers. The system is so easy and quick. Not only we cut down more than an hour data entry work per day for a field, we also gain the timeliness and accuracy. I am excited to move forward and use the inventory, material usage and management reports to reap the full benefit. I highly recommend this solution for anyone.

Sateesh Kumar SDZ Cha, Mozambique, Africa

Nilgiris, South India

Implementing the solution in the field and seeing it working so smoothly in the remote area of Nilgiris mountain is so satisfying . More than 300,000 mobile transactions are processed successfully. The pluckers and workers are paid on time with accuracy based on the mobile data uploaded to our payroll system.

Jayaraman Ganini infotech


  Manage all of your production, harvest and sales data for any type of Agricultural business no matter how large or small. Labor Capture each employee’s hours worked by the service performed and the “location” it was performed in. Their rate

Estate Operations

Tea: A complete data collection system for Tea estates, capture data for all sundry work and a complete harvest management tool including weighment via Bluetooth scale and scanning Id cards.  Read More… Coffee: A complete data collection system for any type

Commercial Services

Any  business needs to capture  and track field data on any of the following categories such as labor, materials, tests , inspection , notes , pictures, delivery tracking, material purchases, and sales to the customers can benefit from this product. To


Capture all of your harvest data for any crop all on your smartphone or tablet! Labor Capture data for each unit harvested or by composite amount at the end of the day, the entry will capture the location, the product,


  Using our e-Procurement feature! Manage your procurement needs using “text messaging” from your suppliers and converting them into an “Excel” based format. Suppliers text message a given number with information on there product and it is added into the information


There are many features both on your mobile device itself and built into our system that we take advantage of to produces a very diverse, comprehensive system that can be used by virtually anyone collecting data in the “Field”. e-Procurement 

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