Capture all of your harvest data for any crop all on your smartphone or tablet!



  • Capture data for each unit harvested or by composite amount at the end of the day, the entry will capture the location, the product, the quantity, and the harvest cost as well as the employee rate of pay. The built-in “Scan” feature allows for scanning employee’s name tags as well as scanning the carton or box if the product is packed in the field. The scanned carton or box can then be tracked by scanning the pallet tag, this is also useful in your Global G.A.P. program.


  • Capture data for all equipment used in the harvest operation for better analyzing your costs.


  • Capture data for any materials used in harvesting operation, including pallets, boxes, etc. Maintain inventory of these materials by recording “Purchases”, the inventory will be reduced as the material is entered in the system.


  • Enter harvest ticket and eliminate the expense of driving many miles to different locations. The ticket can be sent directly to other locations via email or text as soon as it is entered. The packinghouse, processing facility, clerical staff, harvest company and management can have the information as soon as the trailer is picked up instead of waiting for the hand-written copy to be delivered to the office or facility.


  • Track harvested product from the field it originated from to the next destination (Packinghouse, Processing Plant, Cold Storage, etc.), whether it is in individual packages on pallets or bulk in trailers. Using “QR” codes you can scan the individual package and tie it to the person who harvested it, that unit can then be tracked by itself or by pallet tag.

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