Record the hours for employees that are paid by the hour or day, even those that are working along side piece rate employees!

  • Record the job performed, time, rate of pay, cost, and location in one entry.
  • You can also record equipment that is used for the job performed, time, cost, person using it and location in one entry.
  • Record any material used, the quantity used, the job and location in one entry.


  • QR Codes – use for employee identification, pay rate, location, harvest item, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Tracking – harvested product can be traced through the system using the scanning feature.
  • “Bluetooth” scale – record weighments for yield data.
  • GPS – coordinates for all entries are recorded, use for mapping purposes for analysis.
  • “Use GPS” feature in system will load the location information with touch of one button.
  • Camera – take photos of employees during check in and check out.