• Track hours by one of three ways, use the mobile phone or tablet as a “time clock”, enter the start time and then the end time, record the time spent at each job site, or record the time spent for each job performed at each site as well as travel time, lunch time, sick day, vacation time, etc. Employees can be organized into crews making collection easier, manage your data as precisely as you wish.
  • Track hours for each piece of equipment as well as the job performed and the location, use this data to manage costs and maintain a maintenance schedule to keep equipment running and avoid costly repairs.
  • Record material usage at each job site, track quantity and cost as well as the rate you will charge the customer all with one entry, your inventory is automatically relived as the product is used. Drivers picking up materials at a supplier or nursery can enter what they received and it is added into inventory, materials that are being delivered can be entered and are relieved from inventory.
  • Record the estimated product needed directly at the job site, makes notes, take pictures, all the data will be tied to that particular site.

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