The AgilerMe system offers a complete tool for managing every aspect of a Nut operation no matter how large or small, it will handle multiple varieties, multiple locations, and multiple growers.

  • Manage all of your labor and contract work, your equipment usage and all of the materials used for each operation.
  • Use the system to perform scouting for pests and diseases.
  • Format your data collection to produce the reports needed to comply with Global G.A.P., Fair Trade, Organic or other certification requirements.
  • Record locations when taking soil and leaf samples, enter test results later and return to same location for further tests.
  • Use “Bluetooth” technology to read sensors in the field.
  • Record all the data right on your mobile phone or tablet, no need to right it down to be later entered into your computer.
  • All of the data can be downloaded into an Excel format and you can use it to create your own reports or use the ones included.
  • Use location data to plot all of your locations on Google Maps, id pins can be set to contain various reports to view.
  • A Complete Harvesting system is available and can be used on the same device, see the “Harvesting” page for more detail on your particular harvest method, whether hourly, daily, daily piece rate, unit piece rate, etc.

View the “e-Procurement” tab for an efficient process for procuring and tracking product from outside growers.