Manage all of your production, harvest and sales data for any type of Agricultural business no matter how large or small.


  • Capture each employee’s hours worked by the service performed and the “location” it was performed in. Their rate of pay, cost rate (including taxes, Insurance, benefits, etc.), and the rate you would charge a client for their services are all captured with the one entry on the mobile device.Record all data for work performed – Location, Time worked, Rate, Cost, Equipment used, Materials used and charges to client.


  • Capture the hours each piece of equipment is used, what service it was performing, who was operating it, the unit cost, the unit charge, and the area within the “field” that was covered (40 acres of a 160 acre block). Any costs can be recorded, mileage, repairs, maintenance, purchase costs, depreciation, etc. It is up to you how precise you want or need to be!


  • Capture all materials used in the “field”, the employee who used it, the equipment that applied it, as well as the cost and charge. Enter the “Purchase” of the material and you can maintain your inventory, an Inventory report is on the Web Portal. These records will allow you to better manage your Global G.A.P., Fair Trade, Organic or other regulatory program.

                  Check the “Features” for more services our system provides and look under the Agriculture tab to more specific information on your type of farming.

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