The AgilerMe system is designed to manage Rubber cultivation and harvest by capturing data for the complete operation.

  • Propagation – collect all of the data for collecting, preparing and shipping of material to maintain accurate records.
  • Nursery – record purchases and track to specific field the stock is planted in.
  • Cultivation – capture all of the data for labor, equipment, and materials for all operations, including land preparation, planting, intercropping, mulching, etc.
  • Pest Management – mange weed, pest and fertility issues using the Inspection feature, map infestations using GPS and Google Maps.
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer – record all data, who applied, where it was applied, how much, and what equipment was used. Record purchases and maintain a running inventory as product is used.
  • Harvesting and Processing –  including tapping, collection of field coagulum, estimation of dry rubber content, preserving, concentrating, sheeting, etc.
  • e-Procurement – middlemen collecting product from small farmers can organize procurement efforts using SMS technology.
  • A Complete Harvesting system is available and can be used on the same device, see the “Harvesting” page for more detail on your particular harvest method, whether hourly, daily, daily piece rate, unit piece rate, etc.

           All data is collected on an “Android” smartphone or tablet.