There are a variety of web reports included in the service to assist in analyzing your data, the reports can be loaded to any device with internet connection from anywhere.


  • Cost Analysis – breakdown costs for labor, equipment, and materials by date range, by division, get a clear picture of your costs.
  • Income Analysis – track income by date range, by division, by item.
  • Field Report – all of your locations (farms, blocks, customers,  etc.) plotted on a Google Map, click on pins for access to other reports.
  • Crop Reports – monitor your yields by variety, by field, by date range.
  • Material and Equipment Use – breakdown costs for individual pieces of equipment by the location they worked in and the hours, track quantity and cost of all materials used.
  • Service Analysis – track costs by the job that was performed, labor, equipment and material.
  • Material Purchases – track all purchases and transfers both cost and quantity.
  • Inventory List – shows purchased and used quantities, transferred and sold as well as current quantity.
  • Sales – gives you the sold quantity and costs.
  • Wages – track each employee or contractor, total wages, hours, leave time, and harvest wage (quantity and pay amount).
  • Inspection and Tests – lists location, GPS coordinates, quantity and results. The “Map” tab will plot the location on Google Maps.

                       A sample of these reports are available on request at